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How to download Photoshop CS6 FULL 2018 (32/64 bit)

June 28, 2021
We will teach you how to ⭐ DOWNLOAD PHOTOSHOP CS6 ⭐ completely FULL, in SPANISH, Cracked and FREE, 32 and 64 bits, for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. ✅ ENTER!

In this post we will show you how you can download Photoshop CS6 completely FULL FREE and Cracked, Spanish version for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (32 or 64 bit). ENTERS!


Welcome to another new post.

The digital world is getting more and more complete and extensive, and with the passage of time needs of all kinds arise.

One of them is oriented towards images, where the world demands ways of editing photographs in order to process them.

There are hundreds of programs for it, and nobody compares to Photoshop level, which you will learn to download and have it Full today.

How to download Photoshop CS6 2018 FULL

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full logo.
Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Photoshop It has been by far one of the best photo editing programs, since with the help of it, you will be able to edit your images at a professional level.

That is why it has become so popular in recent years, because simply is an all-in-one tool.

Without more than entertaining you, keep reading, as you will learn to have Photoshop CS6 Full cracked, having all the functionalities unlocked, that is, activated at 100% completely free.

Follow the steps below to have it:

1.- First, you have to download the program. You can download Photoshop CS6 from the following options, where you will find it Full and cracked.

Download option 1 (portable)

Download option 2 (full)

Files password:


  • 1330-1903-8430-6965-5066-7797
  • 1330-1934-8633-1998-4544-4196
  • 1330-1595-6290-1452-7185-4110
  • 1330-1030-7045-9470-6140-9141
  • 1330-1197-9752-8394-2011-8121
  • 1330-1432-3831-6833-2544-0251
  • 1330-1971-4830-5668-6067-1762
  • 1330-1912-2628-0850-0232-4869
  • 1330-1148-0472-2735-6555-0617
  • 1330-1544-4195-8131-3034-5634
  • 1330-1886-0283-4688-9152-2034
  • 1330-1118-3174-6558-8260-5378

2.- When downloaded, unzip it (if you don't have how to unzip it, I'll leave you this post).

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3.- He will leave you a folder, it is the Photoshop CS6 installer.

You will only have to run it as administrator, right-clicking on it and clicking on "Run as administrator".

4.- After, Choose your language, click on the «Spanish» option, and click on the «OK» button.

5.- Then, you will be welcomed to the wizard of Photoshop CS6 installation, click on the button that says «Next».

6.- Then it will ask you for the path where it will be installed Photoshop CS6. Leave the default option and click «Next».

7.- Then, it will ask you for the name of the program, leave the default option and press «Next».

8.- After the above, click on the option «Create an icon on the desktop«, And then click on« Next ».

9.- And finally, give click the "Install" button to install Photoshop CS6 Full.

10.- Wait for the installation to finish. When it finishes, it will ask you if you want to open it now or not (it doesn't matter). Regardless of your answer, click "Finish".

11.- When you open it, it will ask you in which language you want to run it, offering some buttons with language codes.

If you want to run Photoshop CS6 in Spanish (Spain), click on «es_ES»; in Spanish (Mexican), press «es_MX»; In English, click on the «en_US» button.

Congratulations, you just installed Photoshop CS6 in its Full version with success!

Before concluding this great article, I would like to tell you that we have more posts related to Photoshop. Visit us!

¿You were able to download Photoshop CS6 Full cracked? Leave us your comment below!

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