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How to convert a PDF to JPG, Word, Excel and other formats

June 10, 2020
Learn to ⭐ CONVERT your PDF file ✅ to an IMAGE file (JPG OR PNG), or any OFFICE FILE such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. ⭐

In this opportunity we will teach you how to convert a PDF file to image as JPG or PNG, or to any Office fileWell, Word, Excel and PowerPoint COME IN!


The PDF files They are very common, although sometimes it is a bit difficult to handle them, precisely because of the type of format. For this reason, many people want to convert these files to other easier formats, such as Office files or even directly as images.

That is why, today we bring you a post on how to convert or export a PDF to other formats. Do not lose track of our explanation and learn how to do it.

Convert PDF to Image (JPG or PNG)

For convert or export images from a PDF to another image format (JPG or PNG) you must follow the following steps using the ADOBE ACROBAT program:

Step 1

If you want to convert your PDF file to any image format, like JPG or PNG, first go to "Tools" and select the option "Export PDF file".

A pop-up window will open showing the different formats to which you can export the PDF file.

Choose the format in which you want to convert or export the file. In this case click "Image" and select from the four options: jpeg, jpeg 2000, tiff, png. This can vary from program to program.

convert pdf to image

Step 2

Now, before continuing it is recommended configure conversion options for the selected file format. To do this, you must click on the gear icon.

A dialog box will open “Settings Export all images as [selected file format] ".

Specifies the settings for: file settings, color management, conversion, and extraction for the file type.

In the case of "Extraction", for "Exclude images smaller than", select the smallest image size to convert. Also select "unlimited" to extract all images.

Click on "To accept" so that you return to the screen of Export the PDF to any format. Select option "Export all images" and so you can convert or extract all the images immersed in the PDF file. If this option is not selected, all pages of the PDF file will be saved in the selected image format.

Step 3

Finally, click "To export". A dialog box will open, in which you must select the location where you want to save the file.

Click on "Save" so that only the images in the PDF file are saved under the new format previously selected.

Note: to the convert a PDF file to image format, each page is saved as an independent file and each name is added the page number. Also, it is important that you know that you can convert raster images, but not vector objects.

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Convert PDF to Word, Excel or others

Once you have open the PDF file that you want to convert to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you must do the following:

Step 1

Go to "Tools" and select the option "Export PDF file".

A pop-up window will open showing the different formats to which you can export a PDF file.

Choose the format in which you want to convert or export the file and a conversion version. For this section it will be between Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet and Microsoft PowerPoint.

convert pdf to word

This step can also be carried out if you select "Archive", then "To export", and finally choose the type of file to convert.

Step 2

Click on "To export" and a dialog box will open. There you can select the location where you want the file to be saved. You have several options, you can save it on the PC or in Adobe Document Cloud.

convert pdf to office file

You can also see that the file name will have the same name as the source file, but it will be saved under the new extension.

Click on "Save" to finish converting or exporting the PDF file.

Conversion options

Now, if you want to configure the conversion options before saving the file, you can do it by performing the following steps:

  1. Click on the tab "Edition", then choose "Preferences" and select "Convert from PDF".
  2. You will be shown a list "Convert from PDF", choose a format and then click on "Edit settings"
  3. Then choose the conversion settings and click "To accept".

Note: It is not possible to convert or export PDF portfolios, nor the PDFs they contain.

Another option to convert a PDF to an image or an Office file: Specialized websites

How could you notice convert a PDF file to any other format it does not have great science; however, not all programs in this format allow it to be done. For this reason, we have also wanted to include in this article information related to websites that provide this service totally free.

All you have to do is load the file on the page and select the format. After a few seconds, the page will have processed the information and will return the file with the new format.

Pages that allow converting a PDF to an image or Office file

  1. Among one of these pages we have the web PDFToWord who has to his credit a online PDF converter where you can convert PDF files to Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.
  2. We can also recommend the page PDF2Doc that allows you to convert to Word formats.
  3. Now, among the pages that allow you to convert a PDF to an image, we can recommend: PDF2JPG, PDFToImage, FreePDFCovert or ILovePDF.

Well, so far our post about how to convert a PDF file to image or Office file. We hope all the information contained here has been useful to you.

We do not want to say goodbye without first suggesting you take a look at the following post:

See you in an upcoming installment.