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Download Minecraft FULL for Android [.APK]

12 June, 2020
In this post you will find Minecraft Pocket Edition in its version completely complete to download to your Android (.APK). ENTERS!

In this post you will find Minecraft Pocket Edition in your version fully complete to download to your Android (.APK). ENTERS!


I come with another post, and after a long time, I come to bring you another updated version of Minecraft PE, now in its version totally FULL for your Android. But as usual, I always explain what this game is for those who don't know yet (if you want, you can go a little further down to go to the download):

What is Minecraft?

Originally created by Mojang AB, is a survival game, where you are "born" on a custom-built semi-3D planet. Your goal will be to survive as you can, testing your creativity to build anything you can think of: buildings, houses, caves, everything. This game was purchased and is now owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Well, now, where is the APK of version

Without further ado, I bring you the Full APK of Minecraft PE for you to install it on your Android device. But as always, I like to capture the latest news of each version, and today will not be the exception (if you want, you can continue to download to find your APK):

Most significant news

Vital: This is a decorative item for your house and other structures.

Fireworks: for the holidays and to have fun with friends.

Parrots: new animals in your world.

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New posters: of different shapes and colors.

New armor: different styles and shapes.

New views: now ravines will appear in your world.

New rules: new game settings appeared for each world.

New commands: new commands appeared on the game line.

Other novelties (not finished yet):

  • New user permissions.
  • New egg generators.
  • In-game host options.
  • New TIPs screen when you open Minecraft PE.
  • New book objects.
  • New types of discs.

What is the difference between the original version and the cracked one?

  • The original version needs a license, but you can easily avoid it, if you open the game through Blocklauncher or Toolbox.
  • The cracked version does not require a license, but you cannot enter Xbox Live.
  • The market unlocked version is a cracked version and has unlocked premium market personnel (textures, maps, worlds, skins).
  • X86 version, if you have an Intel processor.

Minecraft PE download link

Download Minecraft

NOTE: This version is not the latest. If you want to have it, download the latest version of Minecraft by clicking here.

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Doubts questions?
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