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Download Minecraft FULL for Android [.APK]

26 June, 2019
Download Minecraft FULL for Android.

In this tutorial you will fully download Minecraft version for your Android device. Now yes and with many incredible new features, hours of fun creating cities and entire buildings without limits with this game! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING? DO NOT MISS IT!


We return with a new post on how to fully install the Minecraft PE version But for those who don't know what Minecraft is ...

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is mainly a survival video game in which the user has to, from the first moment, collect food and materials to build your own home before night comes and, with it, the dangers that lie in wait.

At the same time you have to develop own tools to be able to build everything more quickly; is an independent construction video game, of type «open world» or sandbox originally created by the Swede Markus «Notch» Persson, and later developed by his company, Mojang AB (now developed by Microsoft).

And good, Where is the APK for

WOOOOW! What do you think? We have a much better version of Minecraft for your Android, make click here!

Today we bring you the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK in this new update, which includes some bug fixes. They also added many things such as:

- They are releasing the first iteration of Add-Ons, so you can start changing the way things in the game look and behave.
- One of the fiercest monsters ever invented ... the Wither!
- Slash commands so you can adjust how the game plays - you can give away items, summon mobs, change the time of day, and much more.
- Lazer's oldest guardians!
- Ocean monuments and trinkets to explore.

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But something that surprised us a lot was… THEY ADDED THE END!

Nothing more to say here we leave the APK:

Download MinecraftDownload Minecraft APK

Once you've downloaded it, go to where it is (where it was downloaded) and launch it. It will install and you can play like never before. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

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Doubts questions?
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