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10 reasons why you should use Linux

May 17, 2018
Have you thought about switching from Windows to another system? In this post we will present you 10 reasons or reasons why you should use Linux. ENTERS!

Have you thought about switching from Windows to another system? In this post we will introduce you 10 reasons or reasons why you should use linux. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. GNU / Linux It is one of the systems that has revolutionized the way we use our computer, and it gives a lot to talk about. Although it is not better than Windows in terms of popularity, it could tell you that it may be the system that definitely replaces it, if you are thinking of switching. Why? Well, that's what we come to in this post, so we introduce you ...

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10 reasons why you should use Linux

Position #10: Freedom

We start with the freedom of using Linux: with GNU / Linux you can literally modify EVERYTHING to your liking, from the visual to the software. Being a free operating system, we can modify both the source code, as well as the configurations of the programs, to be able to mold them to our measure.

In this way we can adjust the system as we want, great! no?

Position #9: Personalization

Linux is a beauty visually, it is not only a command line terminal (CLI), we can change everything (as mentioned in the previous point): icon themes, windows, add animations, dock bars, change the environment desk, among many other things. I can tell you that in some cases, it is much more attractive than even Windows and Mac!

Position #8: Variety of distributions

Linux, being a free kernel, allows people to create their own variants of it. These are oriented to different audiences, since there are specialized distributions for old equipment, for games, for finances, and an endless number of specializations. They all share a common goal: to be available to the user for FREE.

Position #7: It's FREE

Linux was created with the following philosophy:

Offer a free operating system available to everyone.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, not a single peso. It is free, both the kernel and all the distributions that vary from it, not that compared to Mac or Windows, you have to pay for it.

Position #6: Security

I will not say that it does not have viruses, because there are (no operating system gets rid of them), but the truth is that at the user level there are few threats, and those that are detected, the international community releases updates with patches to correct them. And with this we go to the next point ...

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Item #5: Updates

In Linux, updates are a daily routine, since it is a system that is constantly being cared for and updated, and this is very good, since this way both our system and the programs correct their errors and we are up to date.

Position #4: Performance

One of the most important points is that Linux does not consume many resources, they are minimal. So much so that I could tell you that decade-old computers could run it. So now you know: if your Windows PC is slow, switch to Linux. As a curious fact I leave you this following post:

Position #3: Community

Linux has a HUGE community, both in Spanish and in many other languages. This is a huge advantage, since all users support each other and solve problems without having to consult technical support or review an 800-page manual. I want to clarify that it is not bad to read reference books, but we do not always have the time to do so. Also, you meet all kinds of people, from whom you can learn a lot.

Position #2: Terminal Potential

With Linux you can do any kind of thing, and some unique things that you can't do on another system. When you master the terminal, you will realize all the power it has and what you can do with it, it will leave you with your mouth open from time to time. You will realize that with its use, you can make ANY CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM.

Post #1: It's different ...

The fact that everyone uses an operating system does not mean that you should use it. Feel free to try new things and not be with the same option. In Linux, whether you are a normal user or an advanced user, you will have everything you could have on other systems, and do the same or other tasks. Many programs that run on Windows are also available for Linux, and if they are not, there are alternatives, but if you are forced to that and it is not available directly, they can be run too!

Give yourself a try when using Linux. ❤

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Until another post!