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The great book of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

17 junio, 2020
Download: The great book of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

In this post you will find the "Big Book of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript", where they explain a lot of concepts of web development. ENTER!


Today I come to bring you the BIG book, the one that contains many of the guidelines for the future of the web, the great book of web design: The great book of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

For those who want to learn about the wonderful world of the web, I leave you with this beautiful book that will surely help you on your way. But more than that, it comes from the basics, and goes through many very important points to deal with, up to the APIs, those interfaces that programmers love so much (I say this because we really love them, well, in my case, I LOVE them).

Contenidos del libro

Chapter 1. HTML5 Documents
1.1 Basic components.
1.2 Overall structure.
1.3 Structure of the body.
1.5 New and old elements.
1.6 Quick reference.
Chapter 2. CSS styles and box models
2.1 CSS and HTML.
2.2 Styles and structure.
2.3 Basic concepts about styles.
2.4 Applying CSS to our template
2.5 Traditional box model.
2.6 Quick reference.
Chapter 3. CSS3 Properties
3.1 The new rules.
3.2 Quick reference.
Chapter 4. JavaScript
4.1 The relevance of JavaScript.
4.2 Incorporating JavaScript.
4.3 New selectors.
4.4 Event handlers.
4.5 APIs
4.6 External libraries.
4.7 Quick reference.
Chapter 5. Video and Audio
5.1 Playing video with HTML5.
5.2 Programming a video player.
5.3 Video formats.
5.4 Playing audio with HTML5.
5.5 Programming an audio player.
5.6 Quick reference.
Chapter 6. Forms and API Forms
6.1 Web Forms.
6.2 New attributes.
6.3 New elements for forms.
6.4 API Forms.
6.5 Quick reference.
Chapter 7. API Canvas
7.1 Preparing the canvas.
7.2 Drawing on the canvas.
7.3 Processing images.
7.4 Animations on the Canvas.
7.5 Processing video on the canvas
7.6 Quick reference.
Chapter 8. API Drag and Drop
8.1 Dragging and dropping on the web.
8.2 Quick reference.
Chapter 9. API Geolocation
9.1 Finding your place.
9.2 Quick reference.
Chapter 10. Web Storage API
10.1 Two storage systems.
10.2 The sessionStorage.
10.3 The localStorage.
10.4 Quick reference.
Chapter 11. API IndexedDB
11.1 A low-level API.
11.2 Implementing IndexedDB.
11.3 Listing data.
11.4 Deleting data.
11.5 Searching for data.
11.6 Quick reference.
Chapter 12. API File
12.1 File storage.
12.2 Processing user files.
12.3 Creating files.
12.4 File Content.
12.5 Real Life File System.
12.6 Quick reference.
Capítulo 13. API Communication
13.1 Ajax level 2.
13.2 Cross Document Messaging.
13.3 Web Sockets.
13.4 Quick reference.
Chapter 14. API Web Workers
14.1 Doing the hard work.
14.2 Quick reference.
Chapter 15. API History
15.1 Interface History.
15.2 Quick reference.
Chapter 16. Offline API
16.1 Cachet.
16.2 Offline API.
16.3 Quick reference.

Enlace de descarga del libro de desarrollo con HTML5, CSS3 y JavaScript


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