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PC fans: which one to choose for your computer?

May 27, 2020
PC fans.

In this post we will talk about the pc fans: we will tell you keys and recommendations so that you can choose the right one. ENTERS!



PC fans cooling and / or ventilation mechanisms that commonly export the hot air found inside the CPU cabinet.

They can also fulfill a cleaning function: it can extract contaminated air (lint, dust, among other things) that is inside the CPU.

The main purpose of PC fans is keep the internal temperature of the electronic device at a low level.

The rupture, lack or obstruction of these fans, can cause the electronic device to be totally unusable due to the excess of temperature that it has.


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How to get PC fans to work properly?

There are some general rules that can help you to pc fans work properly.

Also, if these rules are followed, you will keep your computer at a low temperature level, and therefore the internal devices will not suffer any damage.

Also, you can see that with a low temperature, your computer will have a better speed in development.

The rules that you have to take into account for this are the following:

  1. Do not close the fan's air outlet.
  2. Keep it away from surfaces that get hot too easily, as well as away from walls.
  3. Keep a constant check on the fans to be aware that they are working properly.
  4. In general, these fans tend to be quiet, so too much noise may be due to a problem.

Generally, these problems are usually a deformity of the blades, lack of oil in the fan, or even a blade collision with a cable.

Recommendations regarding the number of PC fans

The cooling of a computer by means of fans is ideal when it is able to maintain its temperature at an ideal level even at maximum performance.

In reality, there is no perfect cooling configuration for all types of computer, but one that can be adapted to the particularities of each one of them.

Within this, it must be taken into account that there are only 3 fans that are needed in the computer.

How to distribute the PC fans?

These 3 fans have to be divided as follows:

  • A fan located in the power supply, which is included in it.
  • Another located on the graphics card, which is also included.
  • A fan in the CPU; it is usually included as well.

Something that you do not have to worry about is the number of fans you have inside the tower, but how they are located.

The key to achieving good cooling is based on being able to create a correct ventilation flow.

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What we have to check so that the temperature of the computer will be ideal, is that there are no cables in the air circuit created by the fans outside.

Obviously, there has to be a minimum separation between the components for cooling to be ideal.

In addition, the box also has to be wide so that everything mentioned above can be fulfilled.

Likewise, the exterior of the ventilation grills or slots cannot be covered, and the air inlet must also be filtered.

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Therefore, beyond generating a concern about how many fans it has, we have to pay attention to the correct installation of the components.

In addition, they must not only be installed, but they must be installed in a good tower.

As for cooling, we refer to good as the magnitude that it must have for there to be a correct air flow between the components.

In addition, it has to be safe through the ventilation filters that it has so that dust does not enter the interior.


How to choose a PC fan

If you are going to choose an extra fan for your PC but you don't know how, then keep the following points in mind so that you can decide on the best one for your computer:


This is the structural element of any fan. There is not much to talk about regarding this item.

This is because the framework lends itself the least to innovation.

However, you have to find one that is strong and rigid enough so that vibrations are not generated in the chassis.


This is the moving part of the entire structure, and it is generated by the movement of the air.

It may seem that the design is always similar to another, or even the same, but in recent years there has been a great advance in this element.

Today we can see very well manufactured designs that offer good results to buyers.

If you want to generate very high static pressure to get the best results from heatsinks or radiators, you have to keep the following in mind.

For this you need large and smaller blades, since they generate a higher static pressure, and the air circulates more easily between the blades.



This is the core of the fan. It is located in the center, and it is basically an electromagnet.

Through this element, the electrical charge that it provides generates the rotation of the blades that the fan has through the bearings.

This is one of the most important elements in the ideal operation of the fan.


Size is a very important element in these mechanisms.

Today there are around more than 10 different measures, although currently 120 or 140 mm predominate.

These sizes are usually the most ideal for use in gaming equipment, as long as the chassis allows them.

We can also get somewhat peculiar sizes, but widely used.

This is the case of the 80 and 92 mm below, or even the 180 or 230 mm as the largest that exist.

Thanks to this, we can take into account the importance what PC fans have in the internal mechanism of the computer.

This is due to the importance they have in the role of controlling the internal temperature of the devices that are inside so that no irreversible problem is generated.

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