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Tips to reduce PC temperature

27 mayo, 2020
Are you having problems with PC temperature? In this post you will find keys and tips to reduce the PC temperature.

Are you having problems with PC temperature? In this post you will find keys and tips to reduce the temperature of the PC. ENTER!



High temperature is one of the worst enemies our computer can have, and therefore we always want to know how to reduce the temperature of the PC.

Getting a way to prevent our computer from heating up will help us keep its components in good condition.

It will also help the computer to perform better.

If one of the problems with your computer is based on speed, it may have something to do with temperature.

How to reduce the PC temperature

There are many ways or techniques by which the temperature of the PC can be reduced. The most common are the following:

Make room for the CPU

Good ventilation and breathing of a computer does not depend on anything else but clear slots.

This is also about the computer being located in a free place so that the air around it can also change.

Generally, some desks have compartments to locate the CPU and confine it to this site until we want it to.

These sites are usually very narrow and as much as the breaths may consume air, the warmth is concentrated in this place.

Because of this, the temperature rises considerably. Therefore, it is ideal to place the CPU in a place where the air is not stagnant and constantly changing.

Internal cleaning of the CPU

These cabinets tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust that stagnates in many places.

It usually stays between the chips, surrounding the processor, locking the fans, under the motherboard, and in every corner of the tower.

This dirt is both animal and human; if you have a pet, it is best to clean the CPU more often.

You can carefully remove and clean all this agglomerated dust with a vacuum cleaner, trying not to damage any parts.

In addition, you can also perform this cleaning manually with a kind of brush, or any device that serves to remove the dirt.

Controlling the airflow

Having control of the air inlet and outlet and fresh and warm air respectively is very useful.

With this you can make your computer not take temperature, and you won't have to spend anything at all.

First of all, you have to check that the fan located on top of the processor removes the air from it and sends it out of the CPU.

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Some CPUs have a kind of funnel that facilitates this, but it can be made by the owner at home.

On the other hand, if you have the fans available, you can use the mechanism in reverse.

With this you will try that the fresh air is absorbed into the tower and directed to the components.

Identify what causes heat

This is one of the most essential things to be able to reduce the temperature of the PC: identify where the excess heat is coming from!

Generally, the heat is generated by the CPU. Nowadays, graphic cards also intervene in favour of increasing the temperature of the computer.

Hard drives can be blamed for this too. In order to find the cause of the heat, you can use an application called Speedfan.

This program is totally free and specialized for Windows, which will tell you the temperature of the different components.

After that, you can look for a more specific solution to your problem.

Adding more ventilation

This will always be a brilliant idea, as long as they are placed correctly.

You must always be very careful with air currents, because if they counteract, this will not generate any variables.

Also, there will not be a change, either vague or significant, in the temperature of your computer.

Keep in mind that developing ventilation channels where one transports air in and one expels air out will be best.

Decreases the temperature of the graphics card

Yes You installed Speedfan and the program taught you that the card raises a lot of temperature, do something.

Some graphics cards have a fan that helps you lower the temperature. However, some leave this task to rest, waiting for the CPU to take care of it.

This can be solved by placing an additional fan on the card or with more ventilation in general. This choice can be made at your discretion.

Thanks to this, we can give a little more insight into the most effective ways or techniques to reduce the temperature of PCs today.

In addition, these forms do not generate many or almost no costs to the owners of the computers, as they can also perform them themselves.

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