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How to choose suitable PC case and cooling

October 14, 2018
In this post we will give you some excellent tips so that you know how to choose the PC case, as well as the proper cooling. ENTERS!

In this post we will give you some excellent tips so that you know how to choose the PC case, toother than adequate cooling. ENTERS!



The pc case is the plastic or metallic structure, whose occupation is in the protection and shelter of the CPU components.

It is also responsible for protecting and housing the power supply, the motherboard, the drives or storage devices, and the expansion boards.

When we name storage units or devices, we mean:

  • The hard drive.
  • Floppy drive, and
  • Optical disc drive (CD, BD and DVD reader).

It is usually made of aluminum, plastic, or galvanized steel.


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How do I know which is the best cooling for my PC case?

The first thing we need to know in order to choose the best refrigeration for the pc case is why this is so important to the computer.

Although it may be very obvious, it must be remembered that overheating of the components in the computer can be seriously or irreversibly damaged.

In addition, such overheating can occur very easily when the computer is subjected to long sessions of video games, or even when overclocking.

After this doubt has been clarified, we must resort to the immediate installation of a cooling system in the equipment.

But how do I know which one is the best? Or which one do I have to install? Here is the most difficult step: Getting the choice right regarding the ideal cooling system.

Types of PC case cooling

There are two types of cooling that can be implemented in the mechanism of the pc case: Air cooling and liquid cooling.

Although it is often heard that cooling systems can be passive or active, it is common for these air systems to be active.

That is, they include the fan. The difference between assets and liabilities lies in the presence or absence of a neighboring fan to the heatsink.

The function of this mechanism is to dislodge the heat absorbed by the heatsink from the computer, through the work of the fan.

A heat sink is a device made of copper tubes and aluminum fins that is used to dissipate the heat emanating from other elements of the equipment.

Thanks to the "heatpipes" or tubes, which are great heat conductors, and the fins, whose surface area and quantity influence the level of heat dissipation of the system, this happens:

The heat generated by the processor or graphics card will essentially decrease, allowing the computer to work continuously.

The computer will be able to continue working without any problem, regardless of its temperature increase.

Although it seems somewhat contradictory to induce tubes through which a liquid is transported in a computer, their power is very high when it comes to cooling.

The power they have makes them the top choice when fighting computerized equipment overheating.

By using this liquid cooling method, it is possible to significantly lower the temperature of the computer while reducing the sound from the heat.

The components, when heated, generate a remarkable sound in the box.

The AIO liquid cooling system is a circuit through which the cooling liquid flows, which is the device of the kit that is in continuous connection with the processor.

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The heated liquid that is created by the junction with the processor spreads its way through the circuit to the radiator.

Upon reaching the radiator, the fans will cool down the fluid again to resume the process.


How can I choose the best PC case?

Many people are not aware that the same PC case that has the chosen components, fulfills a function of greater importance than aesthetics or support.

These boxes also fulfill a refrigeration function in itself, which must be paid close attention when choosing it.

The aspects to keep in mind when making this choice are the following:

Ideal size

One of the most important factors, apart from aesthetics, is the factor of shape or size.

The form factor must be compatible with the format of the motherboard you have selected.

In addition, you also have to take into account the sufficient space it has for the components that will be installed in it.

Of greater relevance will be the chosen graphics card, since you can get yourself with a problem: that it is too big to install.

It also needs to be the ideal width to allow installation of optional processor cooling components.


Cooling capacity

The PC case acts as a column for all the components of the computer.

Due to this, it has to be created to facilitate an installation apart from additional fans for a correct cooling of its interior.

The minimum that can be demanded is that it has a hole for the fans in the front and rear.

Although, it is also highly recommended that you have another one on the top, bottom or side.

Anti-dust systems

Dust is an enemy that works in silence, and if it is not taken the care it deserves, it will end up damaging your equipment.

Many of these current boxes have anti-dust filters that can be extracted in their vents.

These filters significantly stop dust from entering the computer, but they must be kept clean constantly.

If they are not kept clean, they will slow down the expulsion of hot air that comes from inside.

PC processor cooling

Although processors often bring their own cooling systems, this can be insufficient at times.

These computer cooling systems can use air for their work, or some hydraulic system similar to those of cars.

Thanks to this, we can understand the importance of pc case when it comes to protecting our equipment or configuring it.

It is no longer about aesthetics, but about the quality that it may have for the proper functioning of the computer.

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What do you think of these tips on choosing the PC case? Let us know in the comments!

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