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Hack for learn how to hack by doing this

March 14, 2019
⭐ Are you looking for a Hack for ⭐ We will show you one that will give you a GREAT ADVANTAGE over other players. ✅ ENTER!

¿Looking for a Hack for In this post we will show you one that will give you a LOT of advantage over other players. ENTERS!


Attention: It is necessary to have the Google Chrome web browser to perform this hack.


Welcome to another new post. is a snake game in which you have to avoid colliding with your opponents (other snakes) so as not to die and be eaten.

Recently this game became very popular, to such an extent that there are already mods that give the user an advantage against others who do not use said mods.

Good, the mod that I have come to bring you today is the following:

This hack for lets you see the position of where you are, add servers to play on them, zoom in or out and it reduces lag a bit (slow game).

Something very good is the zoom, because that way you see who comes to you from everywhere at great distances and that is a huge advantage for you.

Hack for

Well, without more to say, here are the steps to install said hack:

1.- Install Tampermonkey from the Chrome store (click here).

2.- You must download the hack (click here).

3.- The Tempermonkey will open by default telling you that if you want to install the hack. You give him yes.

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4.- Ready, close everything. You already have this hack for installed at 100%!

Until another post!

Note #1: If you later want to uninstall the hack, you must go to the Chrome extensions (chrome://extensions/) and search for "Tampermonkey".

Once you find it, click on "Options" and then go to "Installed Scripts".

Then you select the hack, by clicking on the checkbox on the left.

Then you will be shown at the top of the page what you want to do with the hack, select on "Delete" and click on "Start". Ready.

Note #2: If the previous hack did not work for you (because of the zoom or it didn't help you reduce the lag) or you didn't like it, try this other one (click here).

To install it are the same steps as the previous hack.

Before I go, I would like to invite you to read more topics about Gaming, or if you wish, more Game hacks.

Did you like this hack for Let us know in the comments!

Until another post.