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Hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android

18 September, 2018
Hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 (DH4)

In this post you can you will find a hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android. We are sure you will like it, because you will have UNLIMITED GEMS. ENTERS!



Dungeon Hunter 4 is an RPG game made by Gameloft, which came out in 2013; already has a series of versions of this magnificent game.

In this post we will focus on this game, where we will provide you with the APK directly, as well as a Hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Features

Delve into the most enigmatic, fun and iconic chapter of the action RPG saga!


  • As you progress, delve into an epic as well as dark story.
  • Fight with tons of enemies and evil bosses.
  • Discover many new objects.


  • You can choose between the different types of characters (4) that there are to start your story.
  • You can IMPROVE your fighting skills.
  • You will be able to create and / or improve your weapons, armor and objects.
  • Learn the mysteries that your warrior has.


  • You can connect with your friends to play cooperatively.
  • Show off your fighting skills in PvP modes!
  • Fight against other people in TEAM DEATHMATCH matches.

The demons, a race that was considered super extinct long ago, have returned.

Waking up from what would seem like a nightmare, you find Valenthia (your kingdom), too destroyed

You warrior came out of that battle unscathed, and you have been blessed with unimaginable powers. You are the only hope for your people!


Download instructions + hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android

Important: If you have not installed the game, you have to download it from the Play Store and cancel the download when you reach 1%, this to avoid the license error when we install the APK that we have here.
Note: Very well explained and complete installation instructions, you can find them in the file in an RTF file called "READ ME !!!. rtf", open it and read in case you don't understand here.

1.- Download the records.

1.- Unzip the downloaded files.

3.- Install the game.

4.- Copy the folder «» to «[YOUR_SD_CARD] / Android / obb».

5.- Ready, when you open it for the first time, you have to have internet.

6.- Now, you even have the hack for Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android installed correctly. Enjoy it!

If you completed all the steps successfully, then you will have your game hack totally full with UNLIMITED GEMS, and best of all, it was FREE.

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Note: installed files are not mine. I downloaded them from another tutorial, I just share the content.

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