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Hack for Dragon City: Infinite Gems, Food and Gold

May 26, 2020
✅ Learn to HACK Dragon City: You will find a RECENT Hack of Infinite GEMS, GOLD and INFINITE Food for Dragon City. ⭐ ENTER!

In this post you will find a RECENT Hack of INFINITE Gems, Gold and Food for Dragon City. ENTERS!


Welcome to the post.

As you know, this game is about building your own dragon metropolis, where each type of dragon is destined for its own habitat.

Success in your battles partly resides in the amount of resources you have, since if you don't feed your dragons, they don't level up, and therefore, they are less strong.

That is the main problem that the game's audience has: lack of resources.

Keep reading, as we will show you a GREAT HACK for Dragon City of Unlimited Gems, Food and Gold. Let's go!

Infinite Gems, Food and Gold Hack for Dragon City.
Learn how to Hack Dragon City in this post!

How to hack Dragon City

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, gems, food and gold are necessary resources in Dragon City, and without them you cannot progress.

If you want to increase your dragons to level 40, or if you want to advance the progress of construction of buildings with gems, you are about to get it.

If you want this fabulous Hack for Dragon City, and have infinite gems, food and gold, follow these simple steps below:

1.- First, enter the web page that we will use to perform the Hack. In the end, a site like this will appear:

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Website to perform the Dragon City Hack.

2.- Then, go to your Facebook, search for the game and enter. When the game has fully loaded, right click, and click on "View page source code".

View source of the page.

3.- Once the button is pressed, some codes will open in a new tab. Quiet. Press "Ctrl + F", and a search engine will open at the top right.

4.- Then find the word "signed_request" without the quotes. Once there, copy what is between the quotes of the value parameter, as seen in the following image:

Copy what is inside value, without the quotes.

5.- Now, go back to the place where we will apply the Hack of infinite gems, food and gold for Dragon City, and paste the value:

Page to apply the Hack for the Dragon City.
In the first field, paste the value you copied.

6.- Once this is done, just hit "Play", the right button that is on the same line where you pasted the value of "signed_request".

7.- READY! Wait for the game to load, and you can see that you have 999,999 Gems, 1,000 Million Gold and Food.

I hope this post has been very useful for you.

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Were you able to apply the Infinite Gems, Food and Gold Hack for Dragon City? Let us know below how it went!

See you in another post.