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Hack for DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2020: Infinite Coins

4 junio, 2020
UPDATED ⭐ See a HACK for the Dream League Soccer game 2018, 2019 and 2020, getting FREE infinity coins, VERY EASY ✅ and FAST.

In this post you will find a Hack for the Dream League Soccer game 2018, 2019 and 2020to have infinity coins for FREE. NOW, IT'S GREAT!


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This is one of the games that have sports revolutionist thanks to its great handling of controls and popularity of 3D animations for being the closest thing to popular professional football games.

We'd like to mention that we have a hack for Dream League Soccer for the version 2018, 2019 and of course, the 2020. From the menu below, go to the section you want.

Hack for Dream League Soccer 2019

In this tutorial you will learn how to hack Dream League Soccer 2019and downloading an infinity coin hack!

Steps to having infinite coins

Learn how to Hack Dream League Soccer 2019 by putting in endless coins with this tutorial!
Learn how to Hack Dream League Soccer 2019 by putting in endless coins with this tutorial!

1.- Download for free the APK file to your cell phone from this link we'll leave you.

Download APK version 2019 here

2.- Install it. Now, you should have a file decompression app in order to complete the infinity coin hack.

In our case, we will use the "ES File Explorer" programIn case you want to use it, here is the download link.

DOWNLOAD EN File Explorer

If you already have another program to decompress files, go ahead and use the one you already have.

We'll need that app because to to have the inifinite coins in Dream League Soccer 2019 we have to pass an internal file that weighs almost nothing.

3.- Later, download the hack to have infinite coins by clicking the following button:

Download Infinite Coin Patch

4.- Then, go to where the Hack was downloaded, and taking ES FILE EXPLORER as a reference, click on the three dots icon (bottom right), and unzip it.

Extract Infinite Coin Hack: Option "Extract A", then press "OK".

5.- Once the file has been extracted, it enters the resulting folder.

6.- Then, select that file, click the three points again, and then click "Move A".

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7.- Then go into the "Android" folder, and then under "data" and search the archives of Dream League Soccer 2019 to hit the infinity coin hack.

Dream League Soccer 2019 folder.
Dream League Soccer 2019 folder.

8.- Open the "files" folder, then click on "OK" and overwrite the file.

9.- Get into the game and see the magic:

Infinite coin hack for Dream League Soccer 2019 completed.
Infinite coin hack for Dream League Soccer 2019 completed.

Infinite Coin Hack for DLS 2018

If you're looking for the hack for DLS 2018, we've got it! But you'll have to download the game's APK with everything and the Hack INCLUDED.

1. Download APK with Big Money Hack

2. Download APK with Big Money Hack

If you get an error, it's because you don't have "Unknown Files" enabled, so you have to go to "Settings", then "Security" and finally "Unknown Sources". You hit "Allow" or "Enable".

Dream League Soccer 2020 APK Mod

This update they released had many changesincluding a strict improvement in video game safety.

According to reports from colleagues, it is not possible hack the game directly and get infinite coins, but some colleagues have tried to modify the source code of the game.

What does this mean? That to enjoy this hack, you will not be able to play online, and you will have to delete your original Dream League Soccer 2020 and install an APK outside the Play Store.

Here is a link to download the Infinite Coin Hack for Dream League Soccer 2020:


The conclusions on this Hack is that it maintains a wide range of possibilities to test the maximum potential level of the game.

Also this game has been placed as one of the best sports games with a reputation of 4.6 stars.

In addition to having a good handling of controls, it is important to emphasize that its customization mode is accessible to the user.

If you want more interesting details about HacksI invite you to enter our page full of interesting topics for Android and much more. See you in another post.

Finally, we hope that this tutorial has worked for you and that you have been able to have infinite coins at full capacity.

See you in another post delivery.