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How to play Pokémon Go from Home

October 6, 2018
Here you will learn how to PLAY Pokémon Go from Home, or rather: you will find a TRICK to CAPTURE Pokemons from HOME. Zero risks outside.

In this post you will learn how to play Pokémon Go from Home, or rather: you will find a TRICK to capture Pokemons from home. You will no longer take any risks on the street. ENTERS!



Pokémon GO has become a worldwide trend, its gameplay invites the player to leave their personal space to search the world for the most coveted Pokemons.

In this article we are going to teach you how to play Pokémon Go from home, or rather: to give a trick to be able to capture Pokemons from Home.

Either because you don't want to expose yourself to having your cell phone stolen playing this game, or because you think you are being silly in the street.

Using this trick can make your life easier and without losing progress in Pokémon GO.


Tutorial to play Pokémon Go from Home: How can I catch Pokemons from home?

Being able to capture Pokemons from home is very easy to do thanks to some applications that are responsible for hacking or falsifying your GPS location.

In this way the Niantic servers detect as if you were moving, this would be that simple.

But the reality is that behind all this question, it is not possible to use some trick or shortcut on your mobile to be able to capture the Pokemons without leaving home, it is only possible to achieve it using a Hack.

The developers at the time of creating the game asked that same question, How do we do so that they have to go outside and cannot capture them from their homes?

Well, they came to the conclusion of developing several algorithms that would detect the GPS location.


Although, the location can be modified with the applications that we will mention in the next section, Niantic also took measures regarding this.

If they detect that you use them, it is most likely that they will sanction you for life or suspend your account for a while.

It is a risk that many would not like to take because there are people who do take the game seriously and would not tolerate losing all their progress by downloading a hack to be able to play it from home.

For those who want to play Pokémon Go from home, and have no concern about their accounts being penalized, then keep reading.

What applications can I download to be able to capture Pokemons from home?

The applications that we are going to mention below will be used at your own risk and taking into account that your Pokémon GO account may be penalized for using cheats.

You should bear in mind that if you change a lot of country and location, Niantic will kick you out of the game, therefore, use it infrequently.

Fake GPS Y Unlimited VPN proxy and free

These two applications allow you to change your location and the IP to which you connect, so that you can simulate being away from home or in another country, and thus be able to play Pokémon Go from Home.

The first thing you should do is the following:

1.- Download and install both on your mobile.

2.- Then enable developer options: within settings and development options, then look for the option Mock locations and activate it.

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Then you must go to location and check that the GPS is in Device Only Mode, also activate the Location History.

When you have done it, open Proxy VPN and choose the country you will connect to, this allows you to simulate that the internet connection belongs to the country you chose.

After you choose the country, enter Fake GPS and within the chosen country select a point so that it begins to simulate that you are there, establish the position by pressing Set Location.

Finally, go back to settings, and disable the developer options.

Enter Pokémon GO and start exploring the gyms and Pokeparadas there. If you have the need to change places again, then repeat this process.


GO Simulator

This application cannot be found on Google Play, as Niantic took the necessary measures to keep these types of Pokémon GO applications at bay.

In the same way we can find it on the internet, go to APKReal and download it from there in the form .apk, transfer the file to your mobile and install it.

This application offers you the following advantages:

  • Capture Pokemons from Home without leaving the place where you are (home, office, institute, among others).
  • Transfer and evolve Pokemons automatically.
  • Block Niantic bans.
  • Use the app in the background.
  • You can play without having the Pokémon GO open.

The application is free and has ads when running the simulator, when you stop it or edit the options menu.

To start playing you must log in with a Google or Coaches Club account, enter your username and password, and it will enter when you press Start.

You may feel uncomfortable with the possibility of being banned for using hack, so enter the game with a secondary account or one that you do not use regularly, because if you get expelled then you can enter the main account without losing your progress.

Before using the app, it is recommended that you deactivate the GPS.

The application is constantly updated to offer the user a good service, in addition to adding new functions and improving its security system, preventing Niantic from detecting it.

If Niatic detects it, many times the accounts that are expelled, the sanction lasts between 24 hours or several weeks.

From the configuration you can establish default routes, although these are most of the time in the most important cities of the world, such as New York, London, Paris.

Anyway, you can search online and find the best routes you can follow, even if there is no predetermined route for your city.

Finishing the tutorial to capture Pokemons from Home

These are the most recommended applications to be able to play Pokémon Go from home or another place you do not want to move from.

Always keep in mind that you can get banned for using hack so do not use your main accounts for these tricks, so you can avoid losing all the progress that you made with effort and dedication.

Before concluding this article, I would like to tell you that we have more game hacks that you might like, maybe you have some other game you want to hack. We invite you to see our posts!

Similarly, WE ARE GAMING LOVERS. If you are a Gamer, we will understand each other very well. Check us out!

Were you able to play Pokémon Go from home? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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