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These are the best plugins for Google Docs

May 19, 2018
Google Docs Plugins.

In this post you will find the best add-ons that can exist for Google Docs. They will be very useful when working with this Suite. ENTERS!




Google Docs is the online office suite that the Mountain View tech giant proposes as alternative to Microsoft Office 365.

What began as an accessory that allowed you to view the documents you kept in Google drive and little else, it has grown in functions, quality and tools, until it has become an option to take into account when it comes to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and online forms.

This set of tools does not need any installation on your computer, but the whole process is done online and therefore, it is especially useful for edit documents from a smartphone, tablet or ultrabook wherever you are.

In addition to the tools integrated in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms, you can improve their functions with a good number of add-ons with which you can connect them with other applications or expand their options.

Here we show you some of the best plugins for Google Docs:

8. Template Gallery


With this plugin for Google Docs You will be able to access a large number of document templates of all kinds with which to format your documents quickly and easily.

You can choose any of the available templates that you need to create your report, letter, worksheet, invoice, budget or calendar and, just by selecting it and clicking on the button Copy to Google Drive and a new document will be created or the template will be applied to a document already created in Google Docs.

Template Gallery it can be an ideal solution to reformat documents that you have already created with one of the Google Docs applications.

7. Clipboard


With the help of this plugin for Google Docs you will be much more productive when creating documents, since it will allow you to copy and paste a multiple selection of texts and thus extend the functions of the clipboard.

In this way, you will be able to create "clips" with the texts you use the most, such as your name, email, address, or some text that you use frequently as your signature at the bottom of the page, and select which one you want to add to the text.

Adding one text or another is as simple as clicking on it in the sidebar that appears next to the document and clicking on Insert.

The negative side of this add-on is that you will need to be connected to the internet to use it, something that will probably not always be possible if you use it from a laptop.

6. PandaDoc


In an increasingly digitized environment, you will need to use new tools to perform certain tasks that until now seemed as simple as signing a document.

Until a few years ago, a simple pen and the document itself were the only tools you needed to record your agreement with a document.

Now the paper has been replaced by a digital document and the pen by your computer, tablet or smartphone.

However, the way to sign your Google Docs documents will continue to be as simple as ever, at least it will be if you use add-ons like PandaDoc.

With PandaDoc you just have to create a signature from the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet or from a file and then insert it into the document.

In addition, this add-on for Google Docs allows you to send the document by email, in case you need to return it signed.

5. Charts


This is another plugin for Google Docs that will be tremendously useful is Charts.

With this add-on, you will be able to display graphs with the data from a Google spreadsheet, directly in a Google Docs document.

To do this, you will simply have to choose if you want to insert a bar, linear or circular graph. Then, choose the spreadsheet from which the data will be extracted and, using a preview in the same Docs window, select the data to be displayed in the chart.

Afterwards, it will be enough to insert the graphic that will be generated in the correct position of the document.

A extension for Google Docs very useful and productive when it comes to reflecting certain data in a simple way.

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4. Table Styles


The plugin for Google Docs called Table Styles is one of the fastest and easiest ways to apply styles to your tables.

After installing it, you will be able to create table styles, customizing all the components that make up the table to your liking.

In this way, you can choose the font, background color or alignment that the header will have, if you want it to have an indicator column to the left or right, if all the rows or columns of the table will have the same color, etc.

Once it's set up, you can keep this style to use when you need it in future documents.

To apply one of the styles that you have already created and saved, simply select the cells that will be part of the table and, in the Table Styles side panel, choose the style you want to apply to the table and the selection will automatically transform.

One of the best plugins for Google Docs, which is also very easy to use.

3. TimeSheet


If you are a self-employed or need keep track of your working hours, this complement for hGoogle Docs calculation sheet it will be most useful to you.

To use it, it will be enough to insert a new event in your Google calendar with the identification label that you choose in the event title, every time you change clients and want to start counting the time spent on a certain job.

Later, from the TimeSheet plugin for Google Spreadsheet, the calendar you used is indicated and configured to look for the label you have written in the title. It will automatically sync with your Google calendar and will show you a breakdown of all the hours spent on that job.

This allows you to switch between several clients on the same day and even at the same time, simply by creating a new event for each client and changing the labeling of the title so that then TimeSheet counts the time spent on each one of them.

Another example of the most useful plugins for Google Docs.

2. Form Limiter


The Form Limiter plugin It is ideal for launching registration campaign forms for a specified time, or limited to a specific number of requests.

You can create a registration form with google forms and use this plugin to establish a time limit to complete that registration, or to establish a maximum number of requests received.

Once the time limit or requests is reached, the form stops sending more requests. All this without the need for any additional configuration and all from the side panel of the add-on that appears during the creation of the form.

Form Limiter will be a valuable tool for launching registration campaigns, contests and receiving applications.

1. SmartSheets


If you want automate data collection from forms what have you created, SmartSheets Sync is one of the plugins for formulars of Google what do you need.

With it you will be able to connect the form created in Google Forms with a spreadsheet, which will automatically collect all the information that users send from your form. In this way, you will avoid the arduous task of having to extract data from an email or any other method that your form uses.

The only downside is that, unlike the rest of the add-ons shown in this list, SmartSheet is not free.

In principle, you have a 30-day free trial, but from that date, you must contract the service.

Although its use involves a small outlay of money, its usefulness is undeniable and that is why we have included it in our list of the best plugins for Google Docs.

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