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5 reasons to stop using Google as your default search engine

March 25, 2018
Reasons to stop using Google.

In this post we will give you 5 reasons to stop using Google as your default search engine. If you are not interested in Google or you doubt it, here we will give you a few reasons. Look at them!




Google is everywhere, on our phone, on our laptop, and even in our car or watch. There is no doubt that it has invaded our lives, I already refer to the data, 89% of web users use Google as their default search engine. Many do not make inquiries in other search engines because the network giant is always "first in line", but what if we start treating "the last as the first"? Perhaps this is the time to change your consulting habits and start using another search engine as the default. Here I bring you the reasons.

Do you feel observed by Google?

Google keeps track of all your activity on the network. This search engine ensures that this is done to improve its services and make the ads that Internet users see are related to their interests.

If you don't like the idea that they are following all your steps and you want to find a way to avoid being “chased” on the internet, one option is to open incognito session from your search engine, on the other hand you can also deactivate the option "Activity on the Web" or finally change the search engine and use DuckDuckGo, which does not collect personal information from its users.

Are you using a more “smart” search engine?

Unfortunately, Google doesn't do the most technical searches. In this sense there is someone who surpasses him and this is Wolfram Alpha, the finder that can give you from the score of a word in the Sccrable, the current position of the International Space Station even can do fractions, probabilities and other advanced calculations with much more depth than Google would. 

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If you are interested in the Deep Web, Google is not your ally

If you go from link to link in the Deep Web it is possible that you value much more your privacy and your security. To make sure that no one tracks you, it is best to use search engines such as DuckDuckGo.

Do you want to get better video results?

The quality of results in the video search improves substantially if you choose the search engine Bing

The results are presented with thumbnails and hovering over will instantly preview the video. In addition, it can also be included search filters easily accessible without going to Youtube.

Do you want to make money using your search engine?

If you want to make money, Google is not your ideal search engine, better choose Bing offering prizes for searching the web, trying out new features, and tracking special offers. These rewards translate into discounts in stores like Amazon, GameStop etc or in online services and applications like Xbox, Skype, Hulu ...

What do you think of these reasons? Have they convinced you? Will you continue to use the conventional Google or is it time to innovate?

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