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Cybersecurity free online course: understanding attacks to create countermeasures.

May 17, 2018
In this course you will learn the foundations of Cybersecurity, the environment that is increasingly demanded by companies today. ENTERS!

Nowadays the Cybersecurity is too important a role in modern computing, and every time you make more demand for people who are trained in it. In this grade you will learn the bases that will help you to undertake in this magnificent world of security. ENTERS!




In recent years, cyberattacks have increased immeasurably, and in general most of the time the big problem is not the security provided by the systems, but the user who uses them. However, there are many people who, due to this, have realized that they must protect themselves against computer threats. In such a way that for this new opportunity we share an excellent free online course on Cybersecurity. Understand attacks to create countermeasures.

On the internet there are a lot of free cybersecurity courses, however for this blessed opportunity and thanks to the Rey Juan Carlos University, through the Miriada X platform they share an excellent free online Cybersecurity course, this will help you understand attacks and create countermeasures.

Unfortunately, the demand for professionals trained in Cybersecurity has increased dramatically in the last 5 years, this being a problem for companies that have large amounts of information. I am sure that thanks to this course not only people passionate about computing will benefit, the proposal is that many take advantage of it.

What will I learn in this Cybersecurity course?

This course makes a first complete, in-depth, current, practical and enjoyable approach to Cybersecurity; guaranteed by a multidisciplinary teaching staff, with great experience and prestige in the sector.

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You will also be able to identify and understand the most common attacks today, the countermeasures and protections that you have at your disposal to avoid them or minimize their consequences.

You will also learn how to deploy these according to their particularities, in cloud, mobile, IoT, critical infrastructure environments, etc.

Investing your time in the current era to take this free Cybersecurity course will be of great benefit not only for you, it will also benefit your company, the place where you work and everything that surrounds you.

If you are interested in participating in the free course, you can access it from the following link: Free course Cyber-security. LEAD to our link shortener, and from there to your destination.

If you think that many people should know and take advantage of this course, do not hesitate to share it.

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