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Free course on computer networks (basic, intermediate and advanced)

15 September, 2018
An excellent FREE COURSE of computer networks: from the most basic, to the most advanced. More than 80 VIDEOS of content.

In this post you will see a free computer networking course. From the most basic topics to the most advanced. More than 80 VIDEOS in content. ENTERS!


Attention: the content is not ours, it is taught by GabakTech.



Welcome to another new post. Don't have money to study at Cisco? Is the CCNA program expensive? Don't worry, we have news for you!

Introduction: Free course on computer networks

As you know, we love to teach, and that is why today we come loaded with a FREE COURSE on computer networks, which, despite being free, IS VERY COMPLETE!

This course will not only give you an introduction to networking, but it will also give you the skills you need: from learning the basics to managing a small to medium network.

In total, there are 86 very practical videos, lovingly taught by the people of GavakTech, who are passionately dedicated to educating the YouTube community for free.

It goes through everything: from the basic level (introduction and concepts), intermediate (build small network), to advanced (large-scale subnetting, medium networks, etc.), and even working with servers.

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Taught by experts on its subject, you can watch this course whenever you want, where you want and with whoever you want.

Introduction to the content of the free computer networking course

  • Introduction to computer networks: basic concepts.
  • Network management: login to a network, manage a network, AND MORE.
  • Types of network cables and uses.
  • Network typologies.
  • Network subnetting.
  • Mail servers.
  • DHCP servers.
  • DNS and web servers.

See free course on computer networks

Without more to say, I do not take your time anymore. We leave you the precious course:

Before I go, I would like to mention that we love it provide complete courses for our readers. Take a look, for sure there will be a course that you like!

Similarly, we talked about Informatic security, and as if that weren't enough,also programming!

Did you like this free computer networking course? What do you think of the course content? We want to know what you think! Leave it to us in the comments of this post.

Until next time!