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Basic electronics course for beginners

July 1, 2017
Basic electronics course.

In this post we bring you another course much is basic electronics, and here you will learn all the fundamentals of it in more than 50 practical videos. ENTERS!



What is electronics?

The electronic is the field of engineering and applied physics related to device design and application, as usual electronic circuits, whose operation depends on the flow of electrons for the generation, transmission, reception, storage of information, among others. This information can consist of voice or music as on a radio receiver, an image on a television screen, or numbers or other data on a computer.

Free electronics course from scratch

This video course consists of 54 videos in which we will learn from scratch, ideal for beginners to a semi-advanced level, here you have a reference to all the topics that will be covered throughout this course.

Week 1
Omh's Law
Electrical resistance and resistors
Color code in electrical resistors
Series and parallel circuits
Mixed circuits
Logic gates
Karnaugh map variables
Week 2
Karnaugh map simulator
Monostable systems and
flip-flops, ram memory expansion
True table
Jule effect and heat
Power and Jule differential
Collector base
Week 3
Tetra-variable Karnaugh maps
Operation of transistors
Audio-rhythmic LEDs
Voltage regulator
Voltage multiplier with diodes
Week 4
Logic gates
Optical fiber
Fiber Optic Fusion
Digital multimeter
Binary conversion to
Electronic projects
Week 5
Kirchhoff's Law, Arduino Simulator on Proteus, Monitors, Thyristor, Thyristor types, Systematic thyristor analysis, Mesh analysis, Calculation
week 6
karnaugh map, resistance and reactance, rms sine wave rms value, op amp comparator analysis, inverting amplifier and non-inverting amplifier
operational amplifier
inverter proteus oscilloscope simulation

Additional features

square sinusoidal and triangular signal generator
3d printed circuit design with proteus pcb 3d desing
Quadrupler AC Voltage Amplifier Circuit
logic gates with electrical contacts
fluorescent tube
rs flip flop with clock and without asynchronous clock
schedules 4 solved exercises flip flop timing diagram
flip flop jk youtube explanation + simulation + timeline

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After reading all the topics that will be covered in this video series, now you can have access to the free basic electronics course, through the following link:

Go to the courseGo to the electronics course

Credits: course by Digital Computer Madness.

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