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Free SEO course: learn to position your website and MONETIZE IT

September 16, 2018
Here you will find a free SEO course, where you will learn from the basics to advanced topics: SEO OnPage, Copywriting, Link Building, and MUCH MORE.

In this post you will find a free SEO course, where you will learn from the basics to advanced topics: SEO OnPage, Copywriting, Link Building, among MUCH MORE. ENTERS!



Welcome to a new article.

This time it's time to talk about SEO. I will present you a free SEO course, ranging from the basics to advanced topics.

In the SEO course that I will present to you, you will learn both to position ON THE FIRST PAGE, and in the same way, to MONETIZE that website.

What will you learn in this free SEO course?

This course is divided into 2 sections, which are:

Basic SEO course:

  • What is SEO ?: you will learn the TRUTH definition of SEO.
  • How to choose the perfect domain for your website: you will learn the factors that you have to take into account when choosing the right name for your project.
  • What domains rank best for SEO ?: You will learn which domains are the most likely to position themselves for a certain niche.
  • Search and find keywords: You will learn how to correctly do keyword research for your articles.
  • SILO architecture: Vertical SEO is the future. Google is increasingly taking it into account. How does a SILO structure help your website?
  • Cluster Navigation: this will be the future of user experience. The easier for the user, the better for your website!
  • How to optimize your home page: the home page is the one that loads the most, because that's where all the links hang!
  • Interlinking: the strategy that will make your website fly in the first Google results.
  • Clickbaiting: how to SEDUCE the user well to enter our post.
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Advanced SEO course:

  • The truth about "nofollow" and "follow" links: Do you know what the difference is? Do you know WHEN TO USE the labels?
  • How to optimize your META description: Here you will be detailed TIPS to optimize the second thing the user sees before entering your website.
  • Featured snippets: how you can increase your CTR to the maximum using this tremendous technique.
  • Content Marketing: how to increase your website to 15 thousand visits per day.
  • Link positioning WITHOUT CONTENT: What is it? and finally: what has to be done to carry it out?

What will I get with this free SEO course?

  • First of all: you can consult the course whenever you want, and wherever you want.
  • Consequently: you will access more than 40 content videos.
  • And above all: you will be given concrete examples of the contents.

Although this course does not include a digital certificate, you will learn a lot, I PROMISE.

To tell you that I personally took these 2 courses, and it has been the best I have learned in SEO. CHECK THEM OUT!

See free SEO course

To access the basic SEO course, click on this link:

Basic courseAccess the first course

And to enter the advanced SEO course, click here:

Advanced courseAccess the second course

Before concluding the post, I would like to mention to you that we like to talk about SEO. We invite you to check our posts.

In the same way, also we share courses not only SEO, but also programming, marketing, video games, among many others.

How do you like this free SEO course? Leave your opinion in the comments!

See you in another new post.