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50 free programming courses that will fascinate you

May 30, 2022
You will find more than 50 FREE programming courses, and with good content. From web design, through apps and many more.

In this post you will find more than 50 free programming courses, from Java, Python, HTML5 and CSS3, servers and engineering. All free and from scratch. ENTERS!



Welcome to a new post.

Programming is today something that is increasingly in demand in any job, as it is the profession of the future.

We are in the XXI century, the information age, and with it: the code age.

That is why I decided to do this post with MANY free programming courses, so that you educate yourself and prepare yourself.

For my readers who still do not know about the subject, we are clarifying things (if you already know this, skip the section of free programming courses):

What is programming?

Programming is any activity that a person does to develop a program, seeing it in the sense of the computing.

Through the use of programming languages, which is the way programs are written internally (so to speak), is that this activity is performed.

A programmer is passionate about programming, and his environment is obviously a computer, and usually, a delicious coffee at his side.

Thanks to the programming you are watching this educational post, your cell phone works, the internet works (in conjunction with computer networks), your apps work, and endless etcetera.

Is it easy to learn to program?

I'm going to summarize things for you: this is up to each person.

We all learn at different speeds; not all of us are able to retain information equally, so this is variable.

However, that does not make you different from others, what does make the difference is the following:

The courage to want to learn, the desire and above all: never give up.


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Note to choose the ideal course

Before presenting the courses, I would like you to be clear about what you want to achieve with the programming, since it is too broad.

Do you want to create a video game? Develop a professional website? Create a social network?

What do you want to ACHIEVE?

When you are clear about this, I suggest you find out what your area is:

  • Web Developmet.
  • Game Developmet.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Mobile App Developmet.
  • Embedded System Programming
  • etc.

Once all this is done, you only have to search among all these free programming courses, the one that is right for you. Ready? Let's go!

Everyone can learn to code

More than 50 free programming courses

IMPORTANT NOTE: All courses that do not contain a link in the text "go to course", it is because that course is NO longer available.

Introductory courses

Practical fundamentals of programming from scratch - go to the course
Udemy - 36 classes - Ideal for those people who want to get into programming.

Mobile Apps Programming Course - go to the course
Complutense University Madrid - 6 modules - Acquire general knowledge of how to create mobile apps.

Introduction to Programming Apps for NON Programmers FREE - go to the course
KeepCoding - 23 lessons - Learn how to create apps: introductory course.

Introduction to Codelgniter - go to the course
Udemy - 34 classes - Master CodeIgniter with this fabulous course.

Creative programming with Processing - go to the course
Academic - 43 classes - Learn to program from the basics with Processing.

Android app development courses

Learn Java from scratch - go to the course
TasksPlus - 14 lessons - You will see an introduction to the Java language.

Program Android from scratch - go to the course
TasksPlus - 6 hours - Take your first steps to Android development with this course.

Java Programming Basics - go to the course
Udemy - 57 classes - Introductory course to Java.

Android Basic Course - go to the course
DevCode - 10 modules - Course for you to learn how to create your first app on Android.

Android Attacks - go to the course
Academic - 19 classes - Learn from ZERO to develop applications for Android.

Development courses on BlackBerry 10

HTML5 apps for BlackBerry 10 - go to the course
TasksPlus - Learn to develop an application for BlackBerry 10.

Programming on BlackBerry 10 - go to the course
Acamica - How to start making apps for BlackBerry 10.

Web development courses

How to Program for Entrepreneurs - HTML and CSS - go to the course
Udemy - 28 classes - Programming for entrepreneurs about web development.

HTML & CSS - go to the course
Codecademy - 6 units - Learn how to start creating websites in HTML and CSS.

JavaScript - go to the course
Codecademy - 4 units - You will learn all the fundamentals of JavaScript.

jQuery - go to the course
Codecademy - 5 units - Master jQuery and create beautiful websites.

Learn CSS3 Effects - go to course
TasksPlus - 20 lessons - Learn the fundamentals of animation in CSS3.

Learn Web Accessibility step by step - go to the course
Cátedra Telefónica University of Alicante - 102 classes - Learn how to create websites that everyone understands.

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Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS - go to the course
University of Alicante - 4 modules - Learn to create webs for computers and mobiles with HTML and CSS.

Basic Javascript - go to the course
TasksPlus - Learn how to program in the language of the web: JavaScript.

Web design and development course - go to the course
Codejobs - 12 classes - Learn from ZERO how to create web applications.

Responsive web design course HTML and CSS3 - go to the course
Edutin - 11 classes - Introductory course to everything that is responsive web design.

Backbone.js basic course - go to the course
DevCode - Introduction to Backbone.js and fundamentals.

Learn to create a web page from 0 - go to the course
Udemy - 10 classes - Learn from ZERO to create your own websites.

Mockup the web monster - go to the course
Academic - 26 classes - Learn about web layout from scratch.

Development courses on Apple / iOS

These free programming courses at Apple will help you boost that app project you have in mind:

First Steps with Swift - go to the course
Udemy - 9 classes - Another course to start learning Swift.

Swift - Apple from Scratch - go to the course
TasksPlus - 20 lessons - Introductory course to Swift.

First Steps with iOS - go to the course
Udemy - 16 classes - Introduction to App Development at Apple.

Introduction to Objective C & iOS - go to the course
KeepCoding - 21 lessons - Learn Apple's first language: Objective-C.

Introduction to Swift for Objective-C Developers - go to the course
KeepCoding - 18 lessons - Gives you an introduction to iOS programming with Objective-C.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Swift - go to the course
Udemy - 11 classes - Learn the logic of OOP in Swift.

The Jungle iOS - go to the course
Academic - 28 classes - Get started in developing focused apps for iOS with this course.

Development courses with Python

Python - go to the course
Codecademy - 13 units - Introductory course to the Python language.

Python Course - go to the course
TasksPlus - 3 hours - Introductory course to the Python language.

Python course for scientists and engineers - go to the course
University of Alicante - 16 videos - Another introductory course to the Python language.

PHP development courses

PHP - go to the course
Codecademy - 11 units - Introductory course to PHP.

Web development in PHP from forms to bots - go to the course
TasksPlus - 3 hours - Learn another intermediate PHP course.

Web developer: Cookies and Sessions in PHP - go to the course
Udemy - 16 classes - Learn to manage cookies and user sessions, and create professional websites.

Ruby development course

Ruby - go to the course
Codecademy - 10 units - Introductory course to Ruby.

Cloud Computing courses

Cloud Computing Course - go to the course
EOI - 8 modules - Learn cloud computing by learning models, security, etc ...

WordPress courses

Next, these free WordPress programming courses will help you for your project:

WordPress: The Beginning - go to the course
Academic - 13 classes - For those who wish to start in this CMS.

Introduction to WordPress theme development - go to the course
Udemy - 15 classes - Learn to create functional templates for WordPress.

How to Create a Website or Blog with WordPress in 2 hours - go to the course
Udemy - 5 classes - Learn how to create a web project with WordPress.

WordPress - Template Customization - go to the course
Udemy - 18 classes - Learn how to edit templates in WordPress to adapt them to your needs.

Mastering WordPress without programming - go to the course
Udemy - 34 Lectures - How to Create Professional Websites Without Even Touching Programming.

Videogame creation courses

Creating Videogames with Unity 3D - go to the course
Tutellus - 40 videos - Learn how to create your own video games with Unity 3D.

Programming courses for children

Learn to code with Scratch - go to the course
Tutellus - 4 videos - Course for minors: introduction to programming with Scratch.

5 programming courses for children:

20 hour introductory course - Course to teach programming in schools.

Course 1 - 4 years.

Course 2 - 6 years.

Course 3 - 8 years.

Course 4 - 10 years.

The free programming courses presented for children are ages 4 and up, as shown above.

LESS courses

Less basic course - go to the course
DevCode - Learn how the style sheets are worked.

LESS from zero to expert - go to the course
Udemy - 12 classes - Learn LESS from the basics to the very advanced.

App development courses for Firefox OS

Firefox OS - go to the course
DevCode - Learn how to develop apps for the Firefox OS.

Laravel courses

Laravel 4 Basic Course - go to the course
DevCode - Learn to develop websites using Laravel.

Ruby on Rails courses

Ruby on Rails Basic Course - go to the course
DevCode - Introductory course to Ruby on Rails.

C ++ courses

C ++ Exercises (Object Oriented) - go to the course
TasksPlus - 26 lessons - Learn C ++ oriented OOP with these course exercises.

Before concluding this list of courses, I would like to tell you that in this blog you will find MANY more courses of everything: Photoshop, design, programming, etc ... Take a look!

Likewise, WE ARE PASSIONATE to write articles for our programmer readers. We invite you to see what we have written, surely something will catch your attention.

How did you like this list of 50 free programming courses? Leave your opinion in the comments!

See you in another post.