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12 free courses to learn English

27 September, 2018
In this post you will find 12 FREE courses to learn ENGLISH, with QUALITY CONTENT, including exercises and practice.

In this post you will find 12 free courses for learn English, by way of FREE and with very good learning content. ENTER, YOU WILL LOVE IT!



Welcome to another post.

Nowadays learning English is too essential not only for traveling, it is also essential for the world of work.

And it is that companies hire and PAY BETTER if you have the ability to speak English.

If you are a programmer or someone who is related to technology, you will know well what I mean.

And not only that, it is MANDATORY if you want to study Aeronautics and / or Mechatronics. Way! There is much to say, but finally: it is necessary to learn English.

That's why today I come to introduce you ...

12 free courses to learn English

Learn English phonetics and pronunciation

This first free course to learn English focuses on people with basic / intermediate level.

Contains 16 how-to videos where you are shown simple exercises so you can improve your pronunciation, in addition to knowing some key fundamentals.

The 25 most common mistakes when we speak English

This one also goes for people who have notions basic / intermediate. It is dictated by Teachlr.

In it you can not only learn, they know what are the most common mistakes when learning a new language.

So they can improve the course, while you learn.

Also: the course is given by a gorgeous teacher! 😉

Learn practical English

It is taught by the Teachlr people again, and it is also aimed at Basic / Intermediate levels.

If you are about to do your job interview, you should learn from the teacher Ana Mathias, who focuses the course mainly for that.

Learn basic English to travel in a fun way

It is dictated by Tutellus, and contains many exercises so that you can improve your pronunciation and accent in the language.

In the same way, they share techniques for the best learning of English.

Online English course from ABA English

It is dictated by Coursepedia, and contains more than 140 videos to learn English.

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This course does focus on people who already have an intermediate / advanced level.

Includes grammar tutorials, which are taught by teachers from American & British Academy.

Learn English to work abroad

Again it is taught by Tutellus.

This course is travel oriented, and in it you will learn how to cope when you travel to another country, and learn the most common expressions in English.

You will have to have an Intermediate / Advanced level to understand it well.

Complete English course

It is taught by TareaPlus people, and it does focus on people who have just a BASIC level.

It contains many classes, videos and everything you need to get started in this language and be able to continue with a future course.

The basics of English

Teachlr has already had many participations, but keep on insisting!

They focus it for people who have basic notions of english.

You will learn many essential concepts, vocabulary and rules to learn English; lots of useful information comes along.

Complete English Course 123

Of all the free courses to learn English, this is the first available on YouTube.

It is aimed mainly at people who have an intermediate / advanced level.

It contains a large number of videos to learn English: vocabulary, pronunciation, useful exercises, among much more.

Form sentences in English

It is taught by Teachlr, and it is an online course in which you can obtain the correct ways to perform grammatical structures in English.

This course is aimed at people with a level between basic and intermediate.

Learn English in an effective and enjoyable way

It is taught by the people of Coursepedia, and is aimed at people who have basic or intermediate knowledge of English.

In this course, you will learn pronunciation of vowels, verbs, and many expressions used in English.

Learn English Step By Step - Method For Beginners

Again taught by the people behind Coursepedia.

It is now focused only for people who have a basic level of language.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to learn many things, among which:

  • Learn with HD images and videos.
  • Digital texts.

In addition to more resources so you can start studying this beautiful language.

Before finishing this post, I would like to tell you that in this blog we have more courses of all: programming, languages, etc ... Surely there will be one you want to take!

How did you like these free courses to learn English? Leave us your humble opinion in the comment box of this piece of post!

See you in a next post.