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Database management systems [PDF]

6 November, 2019
Database management systems [PDF].
In this post you will find a book on Pdf what does he talk about of database management systems of data, more than 100 pages. ENTERS!


In this post I come with a new book in PDF, and this time it is about database management systems. But for those who do not know what it is, I always ask the fundamental question (if you want, you can skip the download section, which is a little further down the page):

What are database management systems?

Database management systems (in English "database management system", abbreviated DBMS) are a very specific type of software, dedicated to serving as an interface between the database, the user and the applications that use it.
The general purpose of management systems is to manage in a clear, simple and orderly way a set of data that will later become relevant information for an organization. There are different objectives that DBMS must meet:
  • Information abstraction: DBMS save users details about the physical storage of data.
  • Independence: data independence consists of the ability to modify the schema (physical or logical) of a database without having to make changes to the applications that use it.
  • Consistency: In those cases in which redundancy has not been eliminated, it will be necessary to ensure that the information that appears repeated is updated consistently, that is, that all the repeated data are updated simultaneously.
  • Security: the information stored in a database can be of great value. The DBMS must guarantee that this information is secure from permissions to users and user groups, which allow granting various categories of permissions.
  • Transaction handling: A transaction is a program that is executed as a single operation, which means that after an execution in which a failure occurs, it is the same as it would be if the program had not been executed.
  • Response time: logically, it is desirable to minimize the time that the DBMS takes to provide the requested information and to store the changes made.
In this manual, a large part of the previous points will be reviewed from the most recent perspective.

Download PDF of database management systems

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