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Download MalwareBytes Full Premium 2018 in Spanish

May 27, 2020
You can DOWNLOAD MalwareBytes Full Premium 2018 in Spanish, an anti-malware that will protect you from threats on the web.

In this post you can download MalwareBytes Full Premium 2018 in Spanish, an anti-malware that will protect you from threats on the web. ENTERS!


Welcome to another post.

Today web security is too important, since with the growth of the internet, criminals are targeting computers.

Hackers want to steal our identity and harm us in various ways:

  • Installing spyware (spyware).
  • Inserting us many ads (adware).
  • Getting viruses and worms (malware), and even
  • Preventing us from accessing our computers, asking us to pay them to unlock them (ransomware).

With this program that I have come to offer you, that is over, since today you will learn how to download MalwareBytes Full Premium 2018.

But first I put on the table the fundamental question (If you want to skip the installation instructions, scroll down a bit).

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What is this program?

MalwareBytes is an anti-malware program, which will allow us to block the following attacks:

  • Malware (viruses, Trojans, and worms).
  • Adware (annoying advertising).
  • Spyware (spyware).
  • Ransomware (attacks that lock computers and ask you for money to unlock them).

How to install MalwareBytes Full

To carry out the installation of this program, follow the following steps below:

1.- You must download MalwareBytes Full (you will find the link in the download section of this post).

2.- Now unzip it, and go into its folders.

3.- You will see 3 files. 2 are compressed and 1 is an installer. Unzip the one called "MalwareBytes_Anti-Malware_Keygen_v1.7_URET \".

Before running the code generator, we will have to make sure that we do not have an antivirus enabled. For Windows Defender, do the following:

Go to "Windows Start> Settings> Update and Security> Windows Defender". Make sure the "Real-time protection" and "Cloud-based protection" options are disabled.

4.- Once this is done, we will run the code generator: open the executable file called "MalwareBytes_Anti-Malware_Keygen_v1 […]" as administrator (for reference: it is an application file and has the anti-malware logo as its icon).

NOTE: When you go to download MalwareBytes Full, and run this, you have to do it as ADMINISTRATOR or it may not work properly.


5.- A window will open for you. Click several times on "Generate", and after those times, click on "Pre-Activate", when you get a window that says "Pre-Activation Insert!", Close that program.

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6.- Now we are going to install the anti-malware. Go to the file where you found the 3 compressed files and the installer, and run the installer as administrator (it is called "mb3-setup-consumer-").

7.- The installer will open. Select the language and click "OK".

8.- Then, click on the big button that says "Confirm and Install." A message will appear asking you to restart the computer, say yes and wait for it to restart.

9.- When you come back again, click on "Confirm and Install" and wait for it to install.

10.- When it fits, you will get another screen. Click on "Finish".

11.- Now we are going to configure the patch so that it is not detected by anti-malware. Open MalwareBytes, and go to "Settings".

12.- Then, in the upper submenus, click on "Exclusions".

13.- Add the following exclusion: «C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC \ HOSTS«. This contains the file so that we remain Premium.

If in a detection analysis it tells you that this is a virus, do not delete it, because if you do, you will be a free user again (you can check for yourself if you doubt it).

What you will do is move it to the exclusions section, so you will continue to be Premium.

ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THESE STEPS, YOU HAVE IT! If a friend of yours is looking to download MalwareBytes Full, tell him that we have it Premium here!

A FOLLOWING TIP (optional):

14.- Open MalwareBytes, and go to "Settings". Then, in the upper submenus, go to "Protection".

15.- Locate the "Scan Options" section, and activate the "Scan for rootkits" functionality.

Download MalwareBytes Full Premium

MalwareBytes has proven to be an overly effective antispyware for removing spyware and other malware.

If you want this program, through the following link, you can download MalwareBytes Full and Premium.

DOWNLOAD MalwareBytes Full

Before finishing the post, I want to tell you that in this blog we have more software Full Antivirus, surely one of the ones we have could help you. Visit us!

Similarly, we offer many tech tutorials of all kinds to our audience: programs, gaming, hardware, among many more.

If for something you did not understand the steps, I leave you this video-tutorial.

Were you able to download MalwareBytes Full? What did you think of the Premium 2018 version? Let us know how you're doing in the comments!

See you in another new post.