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How to activate McAfee for free without Crack for life

May 26, 2020
You will learn how to ACTIVATE McAfee in its 2019 version ✅, without crack, using ⭐ SERIAL number, Code or License for FREE and FOR LIFE. ⭐ ENTER!

In this post you will learn how activate McAfee in your version 2019, without using crack, just using a serial number, code or license for FREE to protect your computer. ENTERS!



In the world of computing, the health of your computer is essential. Therefore, having an antivirus is important. Activate McAfee it will be very successful.

For the aforementioned, we could add the amount of additional benefits of having this protective shield. Qualified and designed as one of the best.

With the unique observation and firewall toolset, activate McAfee free for your Windows operating system will restore your confidence in antivirus.

Receive compensation from a program that will respond for the protection of your system. Follow this simple tutorial to activate McAfee at no cost using a free license.

How to activate McAfee 2019

The first step to get off the ground on the basis on which the program in question is developed determines the achievement of an excellent installation.

For activate McAfee for free on your computer, just follow the steps below.

The security and protection of your operating system will thank you.

What to know before activating McAfee 2019

Getting the McAfee 2019 installation file is a must. So you have to make sure you get the installation file. You can go to the provider's page.

Usually a special file is needed if the installer is a free version. Which unfailingly conditions us to obtain an activation "crack".

For the portal that provides said antivirus, it is logical to provide that file, so that it can be followed on product activation gear without delay.

But we won't use a crack file, don't worry my friend. With the following steps you will be on your way to enjoying the best of McAfee 2019.

Our activation process will not include special files or crack, we will only use activation serials to complete the process.

McAfee Antivirus official page.
McAfee Antivirus official page.

Steps to activate McAfee 2019 for free

To get the correct activation of your McAfee 2019 You must follow these simple steps, which will keep you well informed about the quality of the product.

In this sense, the correct activation of your program with the simplicity that defines you. Being one of the antivirus that best adapts to reality.

Install McAfee 2019

To find you on the right path. And I think it is, you should only interpret this step as a point passed. The activation of your program is already advanced.

So if you have already installed your program just skip to the next step.

Otherwise, here we are going to provide you with the most direct link to the installation file; we mean the same McAfee page. Enter the following link to download the antivirus.

Download McAfee Full

McAfee antivirus free download.
McAfee antivirus free download.

Run the program

We find the antivirus installed and ready to run. The next thing will be to proceed on the fly of the following requirements.

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If it is already in the process of execution, you must go to the button «Enter a serial Number»Which will give you the green light to enter the serial or license to activate McAfee on your PC.

That is where we will enter an activation code for McAfee 2019, which will activate it PERMANENTly.

Free McAfee 2019 antivirus installation.
Free McAfee 2019 antivirus installation.

Enter the indicated serial to activate McAfee 2019

Here we must continue to proceed correctly, entering the serial or free activation code that corresponds to the McAfee version 2019 that we download.

We present you an updated list. You must select an activation code from the 5 that come there to be able to activate McAfee for FREE.


If for any reason the previous antivirus activation codes do not work for you, we invite you to consult one UPDATED LIST here:


With the previously provided serials we will obtain the activation of a permanent product license, without the need to own an original version.

The serial that corresponds to your version of McAfee downloaded will be the one that in a way leaves you enjoying an excellent product in the field of antivirus.

Run McAfee 2019 on your PC

As simple as that we are facing the best antivirus of today. To activate McAfee on your computer you don't have to be an expert, just paste an activation license.

With the free McAfee antivirus activation code, you could activate it for life. You just need to reopen the program and check it out for yourself.

Over the years, this antivirus has been reinventing itself to accelerate its response to today's attacks. Its manipulation and analysis are quick and practical.

Basic system requirements

For now we must bear in mind that for activate McAfee in your operating system 32 0 64 bit Windows you must be very clear about the following features:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 respectively. With its particular configurations.
  • Core 2 duo or dual core processor.
  • 2 GB RAM memory onwards.

What is evident to a certain audience is the responsiveness of this king of antivirus. Its responsiveness to malicious files is revolutionary. 


Basic operational tools

McAfee is an antivirus designed for both business and home security. It comes in different languages and is totally adaptable to any lifestyle.

Depending on the condition of your PC, you will be able to run all the security options that are handled in it. Like the subscription to the website.

This gives the possibility of contracting all the package of possibilities offered by this program designed to keep out the danger of the web.

With so many resources at hand: scheduled scans, location of potential threats, custom settings ... make it a complete program.

I hope this post has helped you.

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