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How to get free internet forever on your Android

December 28, 2017
In this post we will explain how you can have FREE internet on your Android device forever. Yes, that's right, FOREVER! ENTER!

In this post we will explain how you can have FREE internet on your Android device forever. Yes, that's right, FOREVER! IN!



Welcome to another new post on my blog. Do you pay a lot to use your mobile data, plan or home internet? Well, this tutorial will give you a hand in that economic aspect. Without further ado, let's go to the tutorial:

IMPORTANT NOTE: this post is for educational purposes only, I am not responsible for the misuse of this content.

How to have free internet on your Android forever?

To be able to do this tutorial, first we will have to deactivate any source of internet connection on the device:

  1. Access your phone's "Settings".
  2. Then, enter the "Wi-Fi" menu and disable it; the same by entering "More Networks" (outside of Wi-Fi), and disabling the mobile data.

  3. Then, in the same section of "More networks", locate the section of "Access point name" and enter.

  4. Add a new access point by clicking on the "+" button (top right of your screen).

From this point on, pay close attention, and copy the sections that I will tell you EQUALLY.

  1. In the "Name" section, put the following: FREE.
  • In the "CPA" section, put: internetmundial.gratis.[extent of your country].

  • For example, if you are from Mexico, you would have to put ".mx", if you are from Colombia, you would put ".co", etc.

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    Do not use the additional domains (such as ".com.mx", or ".org.co", etc; use only the first type of extension).

    1. In the "Proxy" section, enter the following:
  • In the "port" section, add the following numbers: 8080.

  • Under "Username", add: internet.

  • In "Password", you can add whatever you want.

  • Under "Authentication type" select the option "PAP or CHAP“.

  • Under "Type of NPA" enter: default.

  • EYE: the sections not mentioned, don't move anything to them.
    1. Once everything else is done, we hit the 3 point button (top right of your screen) and hit "Save".
  • You will be redirected to "Access Point Names". Now select the new section that was added: FREE.

  • Go back to activating the mobile data.

  • Ready!

  • If it doesn't work for YouTube, re-edit the access point and delete what you entered in the "Proxy" section. And if it still doesn't work for you, edit the "APN" and put "internetmundial.gratis.com“.

    Doubts, questions?
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