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What is the best IDE to develop on Android?

12 June, 2020
In this post we will show you which is the best IDE which you can use to develop your projects on Android. ENTERS!

In this post we will teach you what is the best IDE which you can use to develop your projects on Android. ENTERS!


One of the main questions when we are starting to work with Android is: should I use a development environment? and if yes, which of all the available ones should I use?

My recommendation will always be the following: start working with the IDE called ECLIPSE.

Why work with ECLIPSE?

It is a mature project, has many years of development and has received different contributions from actors within the Open-Source community. This has several advantages when starting to work with Android. The biggest of them is that there is something called "ADT", which is a Development Kit to unite the Android SDK with ECLIPSE.

This plugin makes the task much easier by automating some small things, allowing us to view the Android EIL ... so that with a couple of clicks we have something working, either in the emulator or on our mobile.

Speaking of which, one of the biggest advantages of ECLIPSE is that it works in a modular way: it has a small kernel with critical functions, but everything else works through plugins; There are thousands of plugins made by the community, some Open-Source, others free and others paid, so that they can personalize the environment as they like.

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In addition, ECLIPSE allows us to work multiple projects in the same window, and that makes it easier for us to be managing projects without changing and changing from window to window, in addition to that in ECLIPSE it is much easier to manage libraries.

In conclusion, we recommend that you start working on your Android projects using ECLIPSE:


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