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How to make an Android application of your website

May 25, 2020
Here you will learn to MAKE AN APPLICATION for Android for your WEBSITE, blog, social network, etc, WITHOUT KNOWING TO PROGRAM, and in less than 30 minutes.

In this tutorial you will see how to make an Android application for your website, blog, social network, etc., without needing to know how to program, and in less than 30 minutes. ENTERS!


Welcome to another post. Today the Android apps have allowed us to expand much better to clients or potential visitors of our websites, since more than 90% of Internet users of mobile devices use an Android phone. And this is why we introduce you ...

How to make an Android application of your website

To complete this tutorial, you must have 2 things, and are as follows:

  • Have an internet connection (sure you have it because you are seeing this post?).
  • Count of 20 to 30 minutes approximately to create your PROFESSIONAL app.

If you comply with this, stay in the post and follow the following steps:

Start making an Android application

1.- Enter the AppsGeyser website, the platform that your application will do.

2.- Click on «CREATE NOW FOR FREE«, Is a green button like this:

3.- Next, select the template you want to choose for create your professional app. For the purposes of this post, we will select "website", since that is what we want: make an application from our website.

This app will help us to create the application for Android.
This app will help us to create the application for Android.

Add content to the Android app

4.- Now, after having entered the "website" option, enter the full URL (including "http" or "https") of your website, as shown in the case of our blog:

When making the application for Android, you must configure its design.
When making the application for Android, you must configure its design.

5.- If you want to change the color of the theme, change it to the one you like best. We will change it to blue. When you're ready, click the green "GO" button.

6.- You will be shown a preview (If not, click on "Click here to see the preview"). Scroll down a bit, you will find some tabs to add your latest news from Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog. If you don't want them, click on the "REMOVE TAB" button.

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7.- When you are ready, click on «NEXT». Now, you will have to configure the name of your applicationn:

8.- Configure the description of your application. We leave you our example:

9.- Now, it will ask you to upload an icon or leave the default one. If you already have the your app icon, upload itIf not, we recommend leaving it like this by default.

10.- When you are ready, click on «CREATE». It will ask you to register on the platform, register.

11.- When you log in, it will create your application and will send you to the control panel of your account, where you can check your apps.

12.- Click on that icon that says "Edit" to finish editing your application.

Expand the contents of your application

13.- In this section, you can add more sections for your application. Click on "ADD TAB", and add more sections of your interest:

You have several sections to make the Android application you want.
You have several sections to make the Android application you want.

14.- When you finish editing your app completely, click on "PUBLISH" (found in the left menu).

If you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! You have managed to make an application SUCCESSFUL.

15.- Go down a bit of the page and click on the "DOWNLOAD" button, where you can download the app you just created:

16.- READY! Your application will be downloaded.

As you can see, the method used to be able to create a professional Android app, following a series of very simple steps that we describe.

You didn't need to take a course programming professional, but by making correct use of the tools that are already available on the market, we can save a lot of time.

Sure, if you want to make a app with very specific details, we suggest or hire a professional Android app programmer, or take a programming course.

Were you able to make an Android application successfully?

Before saying goodbye, you may also be interested in knowing more about our articles from Android. Or if you are a programmer, too we talk special things for you. Now yes: Until another post!

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Comentarios (12)

Excellent tutorial, I will take it into account for the generation or development of applications in , I hope and you keep writing more about these topics.


You're welcome Edgar and I hope your Business will prosper, I have already visited your website and I have loved the way you can generate websites with a very intuitive and professional site builder. I hope and you can meet your goals with that business.



Hello! I have not been able to pass by. Thank you! It has helped me improve my code. I hope to find more content that helps me. I'm creating a free app for my website:


It was a pleasure to have Tony helped you, I hope your website will prosper and that this publication has served you well.

Best regards.


Excellent tutorial, well written and explained. Keep contributing good articles like these. I am sure that your website will grow more. Greetings.


Thank you very much, Omar.

We work to continue on it.
Greetings from our entire team and God bless you.


Good morning, a question I have a "social network" but locally on my server, can I do the same just pointing to the IP address?


Hello Michael,
Thank you for contacting us.

You will not be able to because it is on a local server. It will be possible if you configure a website as DNS that points to your local server and thus it will be possible.

But it may also be possible, we don't know very well, because if you launch an HTTP request to your IP address, Apache will take that request and give the user the content of your page as a response. But we don't know very well; also (and if you can), if you have it on a computer, you will have to leave it on so that your users can see the content.

We hope we have dispelled your doubt, but if it was not, please, continue writing us.
Thanks and best regards,
Leonardo Alvarado - Member of the team


hello I have a problem I do everything to the letter but it always sends me to a browser, what do I do ???


Hi Jeff,

If you watched the video tutorial, the video shows what happens:
The subject says that it is a mistake but not serious. If you did it with, it will do so because it is the search engine application that will redirect to that URL. We recommend watching the video from minute "10:51", in case you don't understand what we mean.

If you have more questions, please, keep writing us.
Thanks and kind regards,
The team


Hello Master!
Excellent tutorial! thank you and congratulations for the work you do.
Would another tutorial be possible to complete the app? Include notifications. That the application notify the user of a new blog entry for example.

Thank you very much.


Hi Tone,
Thank you very much for your support, we will take your proposal into account and try to make a tutorial similar to what you say in the future.
A strong hug and good day! 😀