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How to update TubeMate: A guide with everything you need to know

May 24, 2020
See how to ⭐ DOWNLOAD and UPDATE the TubeMate APK ✅ step by step so that you can enjoy YouTube videos without problems and for FREE.

In this post you will learn how to download and update TubeMate APK step by step and thus be able to enjoy YouTube videos without problems and also free. ENTERS!



Everyone loves YouTube. Not for nothing is it the largest video platform in the world. It is a place where we can find anything, tutorials, classes, entertainment, even some series and movies.

However, the platform has a limitation, we cannot download the videos directly. This is a problem since many times we want to save some content and we do not have the ideal tool to do it.

But, this has a solution. We live in an age in which we are always looking to find consumer problems. On this occasion, we present TubeMate, an application that will allow us to have YouTube videos on our mobile device.

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What is Tubemate and what is it for?

Tubemate is an application created by South Korean developers, which has had a very positive reception worldwide. Why? Simple, it is an app that allows us download any YouTube video in order to save it on our smartphone.

What is TubeMate and what is it for?
What is TubeMate and what is it for?

All we need is to be in a place with good connection, and thus find all those videos that we want to see at the moment. In this way, when we are again with a low signal, we can watch the videos without having to connect to any Wi-Fi network or consume data. This app is a solution for many people, since it allows view YouTube content without risk that this is interrupted by advertising or bad connection.


The first thing we will notice when opening this application is that there are not many differences from YouTube. The interface is very similar, the big difference is that with Tubemate we have the option of downloading the video we want, and without limitations.

Platform features
Platform features

Therefore, it offers an interface that the user is already familiar with, so there will be no problems when using it for the first time. This makes it easy to use, since it is extremely intuitive, not to mention that, when downloading, it shows us several options, in order to choose the one that works best for us.


Tubemate offers many advantages, each one of them significantly improves the user experience and the service of the app itself. These are its most outstanding advantages by users who love this application:

  • Tubemate is free, this already takes many points. Anyone could expect that an app that offers us to download YouTube videos will be paid, but this is not the case. Tubemate is completely free and does not charge extra for any of the features and functions it offers.
  • It gives us the option to choose the format in which we want to download the video. At the moment only two formats offer us: MP4, which is the most universal and compatible with everything. Then we have 3GP, which is not as popular as the other, but is still in demand.
  • It also allows us to download the audio. This makes Tubemate an application to download music as well. If there is music that we cannot get in other music apps, but we can get it on YouTube, with this app we have the option of having it on our mobile device.
  • To download audio too lets us choose between two formats. We have MP3, compatible with practically any playback program, and finally there is AAC, which will not be widely known universally, but is also useful for those who work in video editing and stuff.
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Do you need more reasons? It's no wonder this app is so popular. If they are already convinced, they will surely wonder. How to download Tubemate and how to update? It's very easy, let's see how to do it.

How to download Tubemate APK for free?

For download Tubemate free just follow a few simple steps. We can update the application on our device in a few minutes. Following these instructions we can download and install Tubemate Step by Step:

  • We will go to the Settings menu on our smartphone, then the option to Advanced settings.
  • In this option we must find the Security option, then we went in there.
  • Once inside, we must make sure that the option Apps of unknown origin is activated, if it is not, we will not be able to install Tubemate.
How to download Tubemate for free?
How to download Tubemate for free?
  • The next thing is to search for the app. For that, we will go to the APKPure application store, there we will download the APK version of Tubemate following this link. We just have to put the name of the app in the search bar, locate it and download it. By doing this, you will have the most recent version.
Download app from third-party stores
Download app from third-party stores
  • The next thing is to go to the download folder on our smartphone, or in the folder where it has been saved.
  • Once the file is located, we must open it to install the app, the phone will ask for permissions, we must say yes to all of these. Now we just have to wait for the installation to do itself.
Install the apk on the mobile
Install the apk on the mobile

How to update Tubemate APK

In case of download Tubemate in a version that is not recent, this should not be a problem. The app is always constantly updated, so that its operation is ensured and certain details are improved. For update Tubemate on our device, this is what we should do:

To update it on Android

  1. Open the application. We can look for it in the list of apps and press the icon.
  2. As soon as you enter, if there is an update available to the public, the same app should give us a notification, with which we can install the new version instantly.
  3. Just click on the button that says Update. This will send us to the Tubemate website, right in the download section, where we will have the option to download the new version.
  4. It will only be necessary to choose the Android option, this will send us to a page where the compatible version for the operating system is, and press download.
  5. Opening the downloaded file will start the Tubemate installation and upgrade. Wait a couple of minutes and voila.
How to update TubeMate step by step
How to update TubeMate step by step

Why continue to suffer with the videos of Youtube and the bad connection? This application offers us a solution with multiple options, in case we want all the video or only the audio. We already know the app and we know how to download it, install it and above all update it, it only remains to test it.

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